Running together to show our support.



There was an excellent turnout despite the less than optimal running conditions. Thanks to all who came out to show their support! Many of you asked how you might help and asked about where to donate to help those in Boston. Please see the below section on donations.


If you’re interested in how you can donate to an organization working to help those affected by the tragedy in Boston, please have a look at this link.

This Saturday , April 20th we will be running in Downtown Cleveland – to mourn those lost, those hurt, and show our support for everyone affected by the tragedy in Boston. I’m not quite sure how many will be there. This isn’t a race, this isn’t an “official” event – it’s just a way to show support, together. Please spread the word to runners and running clubs in the Cleveland area. Please join us.

Before the run, I am hoping that we can share a brief moment of silence – maybe pray, maybe reflect – just take a minute or so of silence to take everything in together before we head out.

There are several other races and events scheduled for Saturday. We definitely encourage everyone to show your support by participating in or supporting runners through your presence at each of these. RunChat is encouraging all runners to don their race shirts throughout the week and to wear blue and yellow please, do. Please feel free to list your race in the comments section below to encourage attendance.

Routes / Distance & Safety

Again, this is in no way an official running event. There will not be aid stations or support personel. Please obey all traffic laws and stick to the sidewalks if possible. Please keep an eye out for vehicles at all times and give a shout out to other runners to make them aware of oncoming traffic or safety concerns. Let’s be safe and try to keep each other safe.

The route/distance & pace will vary dependent on the runners that attend.

Below you will find 2 route suggestions for those not too familiar with running in the downtown area. There is a short 3 mile route (Route 1) around the stadium and Burke Lake Front Airport that has very little traffic for runners interested in a shorter less busy route. There is also a 6 mile route  (Route 2) that takes us over the Detroit/Superior bridge, through Ohio City, over the Carnegie Bridge, then through public square. This route has quite a bit more traffic so if your interested in running this route, please stay safe!  Both routes run around Voinovich park and around Browns Stadium.

Shorter 3 Mile Route (Route 1)

Shorter 3 Mile Route

6 Mile Route (Route 2)

6 Mile Route

Again, the second route is through some pretty busy streets. Please be careful, watch out for other runners, and watch out for yourself!

The first and shorter route is less risky, and avoids major roads as much as possible. There is a short out and back section on this route that parallels N. Marginal road. There is a paved trail on this section to help keep runners off of the streets.

These are only optional routes – if you have others you prefer, please let other runners know! Please, try not to run alone – we’re here to run together. If you find yourself in a group that’s a little too fast or a little too slow – let them know!

For those wishing to tack on a little extra mileage, the North Coast 24 Hour Run will be starting at 9:00 A.M. out at Edgewater park. I’m sure these runners would love for others to run by their race to encourage them! Continuing to head west on Detroit after crossing the first bridge and through some back streets should get interested runners out that way.

Again, please stay safe and stick together everyone!


If you aren’t heading to a race on Saturday, we’ll meet at the end of E. 9th Street, near Voinovich Park at 8:00 a.m. If you can, please dress in Boston Marathon Colors – Blue & Yellow.

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You can park for free in the LeanDog / Arras Keathley parking lot along N. Marginal Road. The lot is directly across from the LeanDog / Arras Keathley Boat (Formerly Hornblowers) and is marked HornBlowers parking. Directions to the lot can be found here

If you’d like an email update or would like to help out in any way, please email me at or post a comment below.

15 thoughts on “Running together to show our support.

    1. Dave Post author

      Thanks Bryan,
      I definitely encourage everyone to head out to that race and others if they don’t run with us on Saturday. I served in the Marine Corps from 2001 – 2006. I have a lot of brothers still serving in the Corps. These service members and their families could use everyone’s support.

    1. Dave Post author

      Hi Laura,
      The mileage and pace are wide open. I’ve talked to some of the folks in the Second Sole running group that plan on showing up. Usually, during our group runs, mileage and pace vary dependent on if folks are training for anything or just up for a quick run before starting their day. I’m expecting that this will go the same. I plan to post a route with a few points that folks can break off at if they’re looking for a shorter run. Let me know if you have any more questions!


  1. Kim

    I have a group of 5 (myself included) interested in running! The link is getting passed around facebook.

    1. Dave Post author

      It’s entirely up to you but please, keep their and your safety in mind.

      Most of the usual routes people run in the downtown area are along some pretty busy streets. I expect that we will run along some of these. These can be pretty dangerous.
      Additionally, there won’t be any aid stations or safety personel – this is more of a meetup and in no way an official run of any kind.

      There is a shorter, somewhat safer area to run near the meetup location – along the pier and around the Science Center, Stadium, and Rock Hall where traffic is usually at a minimum. There is also a paved trail starting at Burke Lakefront Airpot that runs parallel to N. Marginal Road that might be safer to run on instead of some of the busier Cleveland streets.

  2. Jesse

    GREAT! I’m in! I’m gonna FB it! Love the idea and Ill stir some buzz. The prayer is the best part! #prayforboston

  3. Frank

    There is a run at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. A 5k called Walk & Run for the kids. It is child and walker friendly and includes admission to the zoo and Rainforest for the day. I think doing a race or run is the best way to show solidarity with the runners and victims in Boston. It’s what we do, right?

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